Dear Dr Bland

I had my appointment with you on 1st March 2012 for a suspected carpal tunnel syndrome.

At the time of my visit I had the numbness and tingling in my left hand and just slightly in the thumb and forefinger of my right hand.

I was fitted with a splint for both hands and since that time have been wearing them continuously every night (and for a while in the morning at the beginning). it has made a lot of difference and I am pleased to say that only occasionally do I ever experience any symptoms in either hand during the day or night.

I presume I will need to continue to wear the splints nightly in the future to prevent any recurrence?

Your guidance will be appreciated. Also, please could you explain how I obtain new splints when my current splints become too worn to be effective.

Yours sincerely



It's probably worth trying the experiment of leaving them off for a week to see if the problem comes back - if you are lucky it may not. Whenever you need a new set you can drop in here and collect some - bring the old ones with you and we will just transfer the aluminium stiffener to a new outer of the same size. JB

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