Trouble searching website

Will Young

Dear Dr Bland, since your last response to me on 6/08/12 I've repeatedly tried to search the forum to no avail.
Every search word, even searching for Dr Bland or Carpal Tunnel, returns with;
•Check if your spelling is correct.
•Remove quotes around phrases to match each word individually: "blue smurf" will match less than blue smurf.
•Consider loosening your query with OR: blue smurf will match less than blue OR smurf.

Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty? I'd simply like to find if other patients heve discovered a link between CTS and Coeliac/Celiac Disease?

Kind regards, Will


I'm aware of the search bug - it's on the list of things to be fixed next time I ask Maze digital to do some work on it - sorry! I donlt remember anyone in the forums making a link with coeliac disease and I am not aware of any published report of a linkage. However malabsorbtion from coeliac disease can certainly cause peripheral neuropathy and there may also be auto-immune complications from coeliac which can include a wide range of neurological disorders. It is therefore not impossible thatthere might be an increased incidence of CTS - just that no-one has really tried to evaluate it. JB

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