Hi Doctor Bland

This is a strange one but wanted to share before my appointment Wednesday.

So......I have had a bad pain in the back of my left thigh for
Over a week, my job as you know at school is very heavy going so thought I'd just pulled something. This went on for a week, even turning in bed was excruciating. I got out the bath a week Saturday and the sole of my left foot felt odd, tingly but not completely numb. The pain had subsided a little. I saw my doctor who said she thought I had sciatica, she suggested I do the "child's pose" I did this when I got home and as I was leaning forward the bottom of my back felt tingly and warm, I then got tingles all up the side of my left back into my shoulder and down throw my little finger. It subsided but since then I keep getting the tingly feeling in my hand on and off and it feels weird. Not the same as the carpol tunnel feeling.

This is the hand I had my release surgery in two years ago.

Ive seen a osteopath yesterday who wasn't much help, he said he thinks the problem in my leg is a nerve trapped. They did the reflex thing where they tap the side of your foot and the left one doesn't move much.

Any suggests......

Thank you



Sounds neurological but obviously not CTS. We can have a chat about it on Wednesday but it's not likely to be anything I can directly deal with I'm afraid. JB

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