I don't know what to do next

Kelly field 77

I have completed the questionnaire and received an email regarding more information but I think I put it all in the first email. Can u clarify I have done this correctly please


I think we've had a conversation by email but just to explain again for anyone reading this. The original questionnaire on the website is designed to keep you as unidentifiable as possible so although it tells me about your symptoms it does not tell me who you are. In order for me to make an appointment I DO need to know who you are so if I want to see you I ask you to email me your identifying information - which keeps it off the website database and leaves all the personal data on the website anonymous. The only thing which does link a website account clearly to a person is the ermail address and that is encrypted in the website records. Note however that if you fill in some of the optional fields on the site with your ID you will be making your website data potentially available to a hacker who breaks into it. JB

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