Newly diagnosed - 1 week of wearing splint to right hand at night.


Hi, I was diagnosed with CTS on 27th September with level 3/6 severity. I was experiencing waking up two or three times each night with pins and needles and a degree of knumbness to fingers right hand and some pain near elbow. After one week of wearing splint to bed have not awoken at all, just experienced mild knumbness in middle two fingers on some mornings. So, quite positive report at the moment. I will go ahead and book local steroid injection today and see what transpires. I wish to be treated as I do not want my condition to deteriorate.


Sounds promising so far - how is the other (injured) hand doing? I would make a final decision about whether to proceed with injection based on the symptoms about 1 week before it is scheduled. You can always talk to me about it on here but I will move this thread into the Canterbury patients forum in a day or two - I try to keep the conversations with my own patients separate from the ones with the rest of the world. JB

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