Post-Injection Success


Hi Dr. Bland,

I had my injection in my left wrist 04/10/2012 with Mr Michael Nicholas at your Canterbury clinic.

Firstly may I get you to thank Mr Nicholas as I found him to be very reassuring, pleasant, informative and easy to talk to.

I scored the pain 1/10 at the time of the injection. A few minor "electric shocks" after the treatment for about a week.
Since then I have been comfortable and my symptoms have all but resolved.
I am still on occasion getting numbness in my little finger and ring finger during the night but this is no where near the level of discomfort I had before. My index, middle finger and thumb are symptom free.

Thank you for your attention.

Susan Goudie



Thankyou for the follow-up report - all very helpful. If you could do another symptom severity questionnaire here on the website 6 weeks after injection that would be great. JB

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