post- CTS surgery pain

bej stewart

I had CTS open surgery 3 months ago. Since then I've experienced tenderness and swelling around the scar and stiffness in my fingers. I still can't make a proper fist.
I play the viola and guitar and find that the day after I have been playing, the pain gets worse. There has been no noticeable improvement for the last few weeks. In fact, I think my hand was less painful in the weeks following the operation. I have tried resting it for a week or so by not playing, but there is still little improvement. How long will I have to leave it before I can play again without aggravating the pain?


Are you an East Kent patient - ie one of mine - or are you elsewhere in the country/world? Persistent swelling and stiffness can be a serious problem with some CTS operations but usually responds to massage and mobility exercises as long as there is not a second pathology present. JB

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