cts & polymyalgia rheumatica


I am taking prednisolone(reducing dose) as treatment for recently diagnosed PMR.I had an injection(wye surgery Dr Fox ?) for this wrist which didn,t last very long( previously had op on left wrist which had been much worse -was very pleased with result).I resolved to ask for op for r.h if things got worse having read somewhere "best not to ignore it"Almost immediately back to normal with steroids except for R.h. Commented to Doctor that was probably only to be expected as Rh hadn,t been normal previous to treatment.R.h seems to have got slightly better since referral to you but it would be marvellous to have something done about it because Pmr treatment might take two years.Think cts might keep me awake but don,t really know whether it wakes me because diabetes makes me need to go loo.However I do seem to be dropping things which is something new . Thankyou


You have an appointment with me this week so we can discuss it then. It's a long time since we injected it - 2006! JB

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