Pain in the right hand palm


Dear Dr Bland

Straight after my assessment on 29th October I started wearing the splints at night as discussed. It seems to have helped release the tingling/numbness for the first few nights. Unfortunately it came back the last few nights. I also wake up with pain in my right hand palm in the area by my thumb. I'm wondering wether this comes from the shape of the metal bar inside the splint or If it could be the way I put my hand while sleeping?
Many thanks



It may be that the exact shape of your hand is not ideally suited to those off the shelf splints or you may be sleeping in a position which pushes the aluminium stifferent against the thumb - your guess is probably as good as mine without me being able to see it. It does sound as though we are going to need the planned steroid injection - has it been booked yet? JB

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