Completed symptom questionnaire

I was referred by my GP and Have been referred to get EMG and NCS test for possible carpel tunnel done. I actually got the referral letter on 23th of may but being socially anxious slowed me down, along with the sick time i got from work making me hope "it'll go away" Back then i did the survey without making an account with a 23% chance of CTS... but since it got better because i was not working. I cut crystal glass by hand on what are basically spinning wheels and my left hand is preventing me from working properly, using my wrists is a big part of my work and my hand quickly becomes tingly, dull and a bit painful. and at the worst in the mornings i could not close my hand fully for an hour or so. technically could if i pulled past the limit but that hurts like hell. now however, after symptoms getting less, they are starting to come back while i'm not back to work yet. I have however got myself a splint and it help a ton with the ache during sleeping.


23% is enough to make it worth testing but we need to find that questionnaire. if you have the 6 digit reference number for it we can track it down, otherwise you need to do it again then email me. JB


I know how you feel, I've been there too and still suffering. I also wear splints at night time, reall helped to start with but not helping much now as it's got worse. Had steroid injections that helped a lot and hopefully getting that done again shortly. Probably end up having surgery. Kind regards Gary.

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