Request for testing.

Hi Dr Bland.
It has been a while now since I last visited you for treatment, it was in the lockdown period. I now live in Hornchurch, Essex and have been having treatments from my local GP. The CTS is still bad and I'm not sure if the Injections that I am receiving now seem to be helping as much as they used to. I would like some proper testing to find out if this is correct. Because I now live in Essex, is it a problem or can you could still treat me. If not is there a place you could refer me to in my area.
Many Thanks Kevin Jones.


If you want to make the journey round to see us I'm happy to test you again to see how it is doing. It would help if you could track down the exact details of any injections given in Essex (dates/doses/steroid used etc). We're unlikely to be abe to do a lot by way of treatment in East Kent though. JB

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