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Good morning,

At my last appointment it was recommended that I should have the operation in both wrist. I asked at the time if I could have the steroids instead. Unfortunately the steroids have worn off already and my carpel tunnel has come back in both hands.

Could I please be put forward for the operation please.

Thank you


It looks as though we had a gap of 3 years between the original injection and the set this year, but now we have a recurrence after only 3 months or so. The responses to injection do tend to be a bit random. I think we should probably check your hands again and look at the ultrasound imaging to make sure there is no obvious reason for the quick recurrence and then we can book you for surgery. I'll put an appointment in the post. 

Administratively you have created a second acount on the website and thgat confuses the computers so I'll have to delete the new one. I'll email you a new password for the old account. JB

Amanda peake


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