Be part in the ultrasound experiment


Hello! It is Sefora, I was at the clinic last Thursday 31 of January. I had a talk with my manager and it is not a problem for me to be part of the ultrasound experiment.
I am going on holiday, probably the last two weeks of April. I wonder if the experiment could be done before I go on holiday or it will have to be after I return.
Thank for your time, regards


I'll get the chap who is running it to call you and try to work out how the timing will fit in - we need 7 continuous weeks for treatment so there might not be time to do that beofre you go away. JB


Thank you. As soon as I know when I will go on holiday exactly I will let you know, anyway you can count me. Séfora



I'm the Neurophysiology Co-ordinator. We've tried to contact you using the mobile number we have on the system but this seems to be incorrect (although it is the same number your surgery has for you aswell). Please could you contact the department on 01227 864 047 to discuss the ultrasound trial.

Many thanks


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