Update on CTS symptons after using splints for 4 weeks

Elizabeth Rhodes

Hello again!
I am pleased to report that there has been a significant improvement in my CTS symptons since wearing splints as advised. following the conductive testing carried out at the Canterbury Clinic on 17th January, 2013.
I wear the splints every night and also during the day when doing any repetitive or heavy housework, such as ironing, vacuuming or cleaning, and also when carrying or lifting heavy loads or when driving long distances.
At first the strap around the thumb, which holds the splint in place, was a bit tight and bothersome, but I placed a cotton wool pad underneath it to ease the soreness, and it has now stretched slightly anyway so that it is quite comfy to wear. I get a full night's pain free sleep and a minimal sensation of swollen or tingling fingers on waking. I have diminished pain overall although I am still aware of an underlying feeling of tenderness and slight aching in my hands, and I had a really sore right elbow and forearm after carrying home the supermarket shop.
I am going to continue with the splints for now, as they really have helped and will hopefully allow me to maintain the current situation, if not improve it even, and I will report in again in another month or so.
Many thanks for all your help and advice.


Thanks for the update. You can of course stay in touch through here indefinitely. JB

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