Symptoms returning


Good morning Dr Bland and team,

I had an injection for carpal tunnel 4 years ago (?) And gave up going to the gym, which has largely kept my symptoms at bay. However, recently the pain, swelling and tingling has returned. Night time pain has been quite severe, and upon waking in the mornings I can't even close my hands. I often cannot bend my index fingers (this has been intermittent for the last few years now). I have had blood tests and x rays to check for the presence of arthritis last year which came back negative.
Could I have an appointment with you and perhaps another injection? I have just completed a new severity score test on the website

Many thanks,


P.s. I changed address in December 2023 which I need to update with you.

kind regards, Barrie


Thanks for getting in touch. I'll catch up at the weekend. You can email me the new address and I'll update that. JB


Apppointment now booked. JB

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