Lorna Wilks

Hello. I had a second injection in my right hand last year, about May? The CTS is now returning fast. I do have to use my hands at work (the vineyard - it's a really busy season with pruning and tying down) and it's becoming increasingly difficult again. Bad sleep and a numb hand, with some weakness in the morning. Any possibility of another injection? The CTS has never come back in my left hand :) and the injection was successful in my right hand until now. I have electric secateurs, but I do have to use my hands for lots of manual work in the vineyard. Please let me have your advice. Kind regards, Lorna


It's almost a year since we last injected and it could certainly be done again as a quick fix but we should probably test them again at some point to see whether there has been any major change in nerve function. You can call the surgery in primary care office tomorrow to arrange an injection and I'll have a think about appointments when I'm next in the Canterbury office on Saturday. They may need to refer to this comment of mine on here as I can't amend your main records from home tonight. Telephone numbers are in the contacts page here.

I'll move this discussion thread into the Canterbury patients forum ina few days too. JB

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