Operation update


Operation on left hand Jan 2023
Before the operation I had severe pain pins and needles and numbness on and off all day and my middle finger was permanently numb and severely painful.Severe pain on temperature change’s. I was kept up most of the night with severe hand pain and pain between the elbow and underarm. I had another injection to help until my operation date which really helped especially at night allowing enough sleep to get bye. After the operation all symptoms gradually improved over the next few month’s to 100% improvement even the middle finger which I didn’t hold out much hope for. The only thing I Suffer from now is some wrist weakness occasionally. I cannot thank Emma, Dr Nick and all the team that helped me enough it really has changed my life.


Thanks for the update. I've added a record of that surgical outome to the series we have been collecting. If you can add a new symptom severity score to your website account (even if the answers are all ones) that is an even more useful way of documenting the outcome. JB

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