Update on injection


I'm really happy to report I have no symptoms whatsoever after just one injection. Dr Bland, just one question. If it comes back again do I have to go through my GP or can I come straight to you on this forum Thank you so much for your cheerful and successful treatment.


At least for the present you can contact me directly on this forum. Note however that the latest round of government changes to the NHS are beginning take effect and none of us really know what arrangements we will be working under a year from now. Under the new arrangements the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which is responsible for paying for the treatment of your CTS may decide that they do not want me to treat it, or could indeed in theory, decide that they are not going to pay for any treatment of CTS at all. We are all waiting at present to see what decisions are made by the 4 CCGs that have taken over from the one Primary Care Trust which used to commission services for East Kent. JB

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