Andrew Elphick

Questionaire as completed prior to examination by Dr Bland 20/7/11. May have modified some answers after discussions with him. Being retired I do far more physical work with my hands than in previous employment but could not find a space on the form to say so. nevertheless - exceptional service


All the argument in the medical literature is about the role of use of the hands for work in causing CTS so our questions tend to concentrate on that but I don't think anyone who has thought about it would deny the possible importance of non-work hand use. The big problem if course lies in coming up with any practical way of actually measuring how much someone uses their hands. The approach taken on here is very superficial indeed and about the only data which has so far given any interesting result is that relating to hours of keyboard use which is fairly identifiable.One of the reasons for this forum is to allow people somewhere in which to make 'free-form' comments :-)

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