Both hands steroid treatment on 6th January - update


Almost immediately, the right hand was free of pain. The left hand was tingly/pins & needles for 3-4 days afterwards with occasional sharp stabbing pains. However, I have been able to get through the night without any of the the severe pain and now just have occasional, very slight pins & needles in the tips of my index fingers. Whether linked to the treatment or coincidence, I have on a few occasions, gone through a series of high temperature spasms but these appear to have passed now. Overall I am very pleased with the result of the steroid treatment it is so good to be able to get a full nights sleep again !!


Thanks for the follow-up report. A few patients have experienced 'hot flush' type symptoms after injection and two that I can remember have had odd facial flushing for a few days after injection. I haven't so far viewed this as a serious complication. The uncertainty now of course if over how long it will last. Let as know as soon as it starts to go off please. JB

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