Dr bland clinic

t g ross

Hi my name is Mrs t Ross i came to see you on 18th july this year you gave splints for both hands and asked me to let you know how i got on with them unfortunately they have not helped at all you also asked me to let you know if i had not yet recieved an appointment for my local hospital w.h.h i still have not.  if there is anything you can do to help me please let me know thank you


OK We are now waiting for the orthopaedic surgeons in Ashford and unfortunatley I do not run their waiting lists but we will chase up the appointment for you and see if we can at least check that they have received my request. I'm not too surprised to find grade 4 CTS not really responding to splinting but it was wortha try while waiting  I've also edited your email address out of your forum posting - no need to advertise that to the rest of the world :-) JB

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