my symptoms


Hi, I am from usa and stumbled upon this board. any help would be appreciated.

my symptoms are as follows

Left hand:

Aching left thumb intermittent, mostly at base adjacent to index finger
Left index finger intermittent pain at tip
Not really any night symptoms
can induce numbness in index finger by pressing on my palm left side ( could do so by pressing on base of palm and upper left side of palm...the based seems less sensitive than a few week ago but top left is just as sensitive)
get numb index finger if I extend arm and open up my hand like if I reach for something
not much pain or numbness when typing like now
numbness occasionally in left side of palm mostly upper part
I got some intermittent numbness in middle finger but not much anymore
no numbness in ring or pinkie finger at all
my wrist seems fine on left hand no pain
I feel like my muscle between thumb and index finger is less robust compared to right hand however I am right handed not sure it would be the same.


I work on computer a lot, and I had used left hand for my mouse and do lots of repetitive work on internet site I own. at night and day. sometimes I work 10 hours a day, some days I world a lot less. I kind of go in streaks.

I play golf right handed, interlock my left index finger with my other hand.

I do get some pain in hands if I over do it, mostly aching fingers and wrists.


right before symptoms are played hockey with my kid and took many slap shots I am 51 I am dumb to do this.


I went and saw gp in was not sure what I did, went and saw a top hand surgeon in chicago and he thought I bruised nerve in my palm doing the hockey slap shots, this now going on 4 weeks.

he pressed over carpal tunnel no symptoms from that
he did phalens test no syptoms
tested with pricks and I passed

he said rest it and to make sure I don't have any force on my palm and it should go away as I probably bruised my nerve in palm.

That being said I am unsure if that's what I did.

Thanks any feedback would be appreciated.


I see your symptom score on my questionnaire came out pretty low at 12% and reading the description of the symptoms I would agree with that. It doesn't really sound like CTS and it sounds as though your surgeon agrees too. My own interests and expertise are very much focussed on CTS and I would not generally try to offer another diagnosis for rather cryptic symptoms over the net. A few disorders are very recognisable just from a patient description of the symptoms but your symptoms do not fall into that category, at least for me. What I think one could say, on general principles however, is that if these symptoms are intermittent, are not interfering with your ability to work, and have only been present for 4 weeks, then waiting to see what happens for a while is probably not a bad policy - either it will clear up or it will become obvious what the problem is. JB

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