Carpal. Opp.


Hallo dr bland
Has been a while since my last injections,and although symptoms did hold of for a good while they came back quite severely this time up to my shoulder on the left side rapping around my arm as it came down,with what I can only describe as a tootheake like pain most severe at night.all the usual symptoms complete numbness throbbing ect.alot of pain to the back of the elbow? This after months has carmed down now (the left side)' just the numbness left in hand ,almost immediately the right side has flared up,with the main pain to the actual wrist,am loosing ability to grip tightly which is no good for my work,and once again all the usual symptoms .
Much as it really would be a problem work wise I'm afraid I don't think I can put of the inevitable any more and if possible would like it if we could meet up again for new tests and arrange for the be carried out as soon as possible.


OK I've sent out an appointment in todays post. JB

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